A first propostal (provisional) consists in four possible panels, which could be

increased depending on the proposals that should arrive in the following weeks.

- Session 1- Military and Maritime Recruitment and the Labour Market (in collaboration with Military Labour History Working Group)

- Session 2- Gender in Fishing and Maritime Communities: Women, Labour Markets, and Family Living Standards in Coastal Europe (in

collaboration with Labour and Family Working Group)

- Session 3- Liberalization and Maritime Labour (Maritime Labour History Working Group)

- Session 4 - Maritime Labour and Social Mobility (Maritime Labour History Working Group)

You can find the full document at  CfP Maritime Labour History WG.

You are invited to to submit your proposals in the next weeks. Deadline for your proposals is 6 September 2023. If you are interested in joining the Maritime Labour sessions, please contact Jordi Ibarz jordi.ibarz@ub.edu or Enric Garcia delavelaalvapor@gmail.com.